Luminos White

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Name: Luminos
Material: Marble
Color: White
Origin: Angola
Application: Interior and exterior claddings and floors
Availability: Blocks, slabs

Luminos is a new and very hard African marble with quartzite-like characteristics. It is mined from the southern part of Angola, at the border with Namibia’s capital city. This is the driest area in the region, where the vegetation is also desert-like.


Luminos marble has three main colors: white, gray and yellow. The white and gray shades are traversed by veins and irregular lime-colored spots that run through the material like lightning. These luminous lines of force that pierce the sky are the reason to give the name to this natural stone with a compact particle size.


Luminos is a hard and homogeneous marble. Its compactness makes it a material suitable for all types of applications, both for interiors and exteriors.
The veins of light that come out of this stone give the rooms a touch of elegance and uniqueness. The varieties of use range from the luxury hotel to the exclusive office, from the lake house to the store in the city.
The quality of this marble allows any type of processing, and resists all temperatures.